A New Swingset is Coming

When my son Logan was little, we decided to get him a new backyard swing set for his birthday. He had worn out the old one, and it was time for an upgrade.

But, this was tricky. To build the new swing set, we had to tear down the old one. How would we explain to a 6-year-old why his favorite place was being destroyed without giving away the birthday surprise?

On the afternoon of the ‘demolition’, I sat down with Logan and said: “Today, some people are coming to take apart the swing set. I know you’ve played on it a lot, but I promise it will be OK, and we will find lots of other fun things to do.”

He asked, “Will they be using saws and hammers to take it down?”

“Probably,” I replied.

Then, after thinking for a long moment, he said, “Can I help?”

I was shocked. I had prepared myself for tears, and panic, and fear. ‘Why would you take this from me?’ ‘This isn’t fair!’ ‘I need this, don’t take it away!’

But, instead, I saw faith.

Rather than fighting against the moment, Logan chose to believe in the journey and engage with it. He didn’t see it as a loss. He experienced it as part of the adventure of living.

Even though he didn’t know it and couldn’t see it - at that very second - a brand new swing set was in the warehouse being loaded onto a truck for delivery. It was bigger and brighter and more beautiful than the one being destroyed.

A new swing set was coming.

Today, you may be watching your favorite swing set being torn down. Perhaps the safe places, people, and things that you feel are essential to your existence are being ripped away.

I’m so sorry it’s happening. I know it hurts, and I wish I could make the pain disappear.

But don’t let it steal your faith. Your precious memories on that old swing set can never be replaced, but here’s the truth:

A new swing set is coming.

You can’t see it today. It is beyond your ability to imagine or predict. And it may not arrive as quickly as you’d like. But something beautiful is coming. Hang on, and keep believing in the journey.

A new swing set is coming.

brett culp