"I will never forget this moment"

After watching the Transformers movie, my son got really excited about the Camaro. When we stopped by a local dealership to see the car in real life, the salesperson saw Judah's enthusiasm & insisted he ride in one. My son jumped a few feet off the group when 'Bumblebee' pulled around the corner, & we got to take it for a 15-minute drive. 

As we were driving, Judah said: "I will never forget this moment. This is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me!"

My 'grownup self' knew it was just an everyday test drive. But the child in me was reminded to see the magic. Life moves fast, & some days it seems overwhelming. But I want to be a person that feels the excitement & wonder within every experience I am given. 

This week, I hope you will be able to take a breath, see the beauty around you, & say, "I will never forget this moment."