Discard the parts that don't work

I’m working on the Trailer for our next film, Look to the Sky. When I first envisioned the Trailer, I wanted a specific concept to be part of it. I worked really hard on this one part. But, after I finished the 1st draft, I realized it didn’t work. 

It was hard to cut it. Although I needed to let it go, I was in love with the 'idea' of it. But, to make the Trailer the best it could be, it needed to be changed. 

In life, sometimes you have to discard the pieces that don’t work. Even if they are the parts that required the most effort or feel closest to your heart. You have to be willing to separate & leave behind the things that are keeping you from what is best.

Often, this requires changing the image you have of yourself. You have to envision yourself without the person that’s hurting you, in another job, living in another city, pursing a different dream. When you can get a mental picture of a ‘new you’, it’s easier to make the change. 

After a few days, I was able to envision the Trailer without this part. It started to feel more natural, & I realized the Trailer was stronger without it. Can’t wait for you to see it on October 1!