Embrace the Adventure

I was recently on a late-night flight into Los Angeles. I had an entire row to myself so I laid down to take a nap. I was still asleep, horizontal, & without a seat belt when the plane landed. We touched down with a big bump & a jarring stop, and I rolled forward, face-first into the gap between the seats. I woke up startled & for at least 5 seconds I had no idea where I was. My shoulders were wedged between the seats, & I couldn’t move. 

For a few moments, I panicked. I felt trapped, alone, & overwhelmed. Then, I remembered the real situation: “It’s just another adventure. In a few minutes, everything will be fine. This is one silly experience in a larger, beautiful story.” And I laughed out loud, although no one could hear me because the plane was loud & my face was jammed into the floor. 

I eventually twisted myself free and smiled as I thought about how much fun I would have telling this story. Now I’ve just told it to you, and in the sharing, perhaps we are smiling together. 

If you are feeling dazed & overwhelmed today, please don’t lose your faith. I know it hurts, but one day you will share your story, & we will smile together.