GRACE fills the gaps

I am convinced that the adventure of my life is 10% me & 90% grace. This photo is a perfect explanation...

Today was brutal. To get the shots I needed for our next film, I spent 4 hours on this little boat in the middle of a storm. I was soaked, & the waves bounced us everywhere. I did my best to keep the camera steady, while my stomach did cartwheels. That was my personal experience. And that was my 10% contribution to the day.

But the day was a success because of the 90% that GRACE brought: 

See that coat I’m wearing? A stranger saw I didn’t have a proper raincoat & let me borrow it for the day. I didn’t ask… she just offered it. 

See that guy behind me? His name is Braden. He spent the day graciously driving the little boat & never complained once. In this photo, he’s pumping rain water out so we don’t sink. 

See the boat? Someone provided it to me at no charge so we could get the shots we needed. 

See my footage?... Nope, you will have to wait a while for that. But trust me, when it really mattered, the rain stopped, the waves quieted, & I got the footage I needed. 

In the moment, the day felt like a disaster. But as I reflect, I see that GRACE filled in the gaps. 

GRACE was enough today. I believe it will be enough tomorrow too. See you then.