Here's how you build something BIG...

italy duomo.jpg

I’m filming in Florence, Italy this week. 

When the architect designed Il Duomo di Firenze in 1294, his plans included a giant dome.  At the time, the technology didn’t exist to actually construct the dome he envisioned, but he launched out in faith that someone would figure it out when it was time.  Over 100 years later, when the rest of the basilica was complete, a different architect engineered a solution for the dome.  You can see the beautiful accomplishment behind me. 

Maybe you have an extraordinary dream in your heart, but you can’t envision how you will complete it.  Don’t let that stop you.  Most of the great innovators and world changers couldn’t see all the solutions when they began.  And for most of them, the final vision turned out to be different and much better than they first imagined.  They found the best answers during the adventure.

So, get started.  You can begin right now without knowing exactly how to finish the dome.  You are smart, other people will help, and the solution will be there when you need it.