Honored by Beads of Courage

I'm crying again.

Beads of Courage supports children facing serious illness by giving them a special glass bead at each landmark moment in their journey. 

And there is now an official Legends of the KnightBead of Courage! It has already raised $1,000 to support these young warriors.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of my new friends JamieCynthia, & Sydney's Coins for Courage, brave young people will receive these Batman beads along with a limited-edition certificate of authenticity. 

I generally don't get too excited about physical items, but I'm pretty much in-love with the bead they gave me. And I'm the only grown-up who gets one! 

I'm kind of beside myself about this. Three years ago, I would never have imagined that this project would bless people in these ways. I am honored by everyone who has supported our work & found new ways of sharing the film's message.