How the Big Stuff Happens

nyc flyer

I saw this flyer while walking in NYC. Nearly 20 years ago, I started my business with flyers just like it... complete with the rip-off tabs on the bottom. Mine advertised wedding videos for $150. 

Launching a new idea is rarely glamorous. Typically, it's high on passion & low on funding. There aren't any limos, press interviews, or famous clients. It's just you & an ugly flyer. 

So, just start. Wherever you are today, get moving. Post the flyer. Send the emails. Make the phone calls. Set the meeting. Stir up some dust. 

The greatest stories we've ever told begin in wildernesses, and barns, and dirty streets, and in the minds of everyday people who were willing to look foolish to pursue a dream. 

Today, feel free to do something a little crazy in pursuit of something beautiful. That's how the big stuff always happens.