Look to the Sky - update!

Hello Friends,

Hope this message finds you well!  I’m so excited to update you on our progress with Look to the Sky.

The process of creating a feature-length documentary is always a surprising and wonderful adventure.  Fabulous things continue to unfold as we move along, allowing us the opportunity to keep improving the finished product.

At this point, filming is 90% complete.  This documentary depends on capturing a wide variety of stories from many parts of the world, and scheduling always takes longer than you expect.  Right now, we are on-track to finish all of the filming in October, with at least two more trips planned.

Editing has been in-progress since early this year.  At each stage of editing, we narrow the 200+ hours of raw footage down to another level of precision.  And I have set aside the months of October & November to devote the majority of my time to polishing the storyline arcs of the film in the editing room.  I can’t wait to spend focused time on this!

Additionally, the steady work of writing the Companion Book continues.  This is a new experience for me, but it’s certainly rewarding as we complete the first, then second, drafts of each new chapter. 

Right now, we are focused on bringing everything together so we can begin charity screenings in Spring 2017.  As we are now approaching the finale of the journey, I am pushing to wrap everything up so we can share the movie & the book with you & the world.

As always, thanks for your support!  The past year has been filled with new & unique opportunities for me to share inspiration through filmmaking, speaking engagements, and my new podcast.  It’s been a lot to balance, but I am so grateful for the opportunities to spread hope and compassion through this work.  I deeply appreciate the affirming messages I receive about these efforts on a daily basis.

Looking forward to heroic days ahead!  Back in touch soon with more news.

Sending love & big hugs,