Emotional Authenticity is POWERFUL

Yesterday, I shared an emotional video about my personal reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (watch it: bit.ly/1ogtJEI). This video has sparked a strong positive reaction, and it has reminded me of something very important:

For the past week, superhero fans have been ripping each other apart about this film. Disagreement has led to insults & hatred. We feel that we are supposed to 'win' the argument, and the world teaches us that loud words & anger are the best way to achieve that. But, in the end, we disconnect from each other, & everyone loses.

In my little video, I unintentionally did something that changed the discussion for many: I showed my heart. I chose to be vulnerable. In an effort to help people connect, I shared weakness. I let people see me cry. And the impact has astonished me, including members of the cast & crew of Batman v Superman sharing the video on social media.  

From the article in ComicBook.com: "We see so many reviews and movie analysis on the internet nowadays, that it's rare for one, in particular, to reach through all the noise and really speak to you. That said, it is exactly what Brett Culp, of The Rising Heroes Project, manages to do. Cyborg actor Ray Fisher shared the heartfelt review of his Instagram, adding 'Here's a link to a touching interpretation of the heart of Batman V Superman.'"

Emotional Authenticity is POWERFUL. And I think the reason is simple… I’m not particularly excited about your opinions. I’m not drawn to what you think. But I am deeply interested in YOU. Your heart is beautiful. It matters to me. And when I see it, I am reminded of why I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. It allows me to see once again that ‘our mothers have the same name’.

Living with an open heart is sometimes painful. Exposing the REAL YOU can lead to hurt & rejection. It’s risky. But the world needs your heart. And, deep inside, you need to share it.

Thanks for being a superhero.