Solving the 10,000 problems

"There are no comfortable problems left to be solved. The only problems left are uncomfortable."

I’m making another film. On the fun days, I’m the Director, and I get to use my creative, artistic side. 

But on many days, I’m the Producer. As a guy making a small independent film, Producer is just a fancy title for Problem Solver. I estimate I will need to solve at least 10,000 problems to make & share this movie. And most problems require me to enter uncomfortable spaces, which isn’t easy for me. 

I think uncomfortableness is a primary reason many of us get stuck, in work & in life. To experience personal growth or achieve something extraordinary, we face challenges that are painful. And we usually run from the things that hurt. 

But if you want change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable. Discomfort is an investment in the potential you see ahead of you. If you can get a clear vision of the dream in front of you – a successful project, a healthy body, a more Spirit-filled life, a stronger marriage, a better job, a happier home life, a more solid financial position – it gives your pain purpose & keeps you motivated. 

So, today I’m going to tackle a few of the 10,000 problems I will need to solve to finish this film. 

The problems make me feel uncomfortable, but I’m in love with the new movie. And I think you will like it too.