real superheroes

A Heroic Screening of LOOK TO THE SKY


The city of Ridgecrest, CA just hosted the largest screening of one of my films ever... 5,000 people!

Here’s the story: Last month, a series of earthquakes caused major damage to the city, including the loss of their local movie theater. The police chief decided to host a city-wide community event to encourage everyone & inspire hope.

They constructed an outdoor movie theater in the park for a free showing of my film LOOK TO THE SKY.

Around 5,000 people showed up!


And a local business gave away $20,000 in school supplies for local residents in need.

I’m grateful we could make a small contribution to the healing of Ridgecrest.

The world is filled with good people, and I am so glad my films can be a vehicle that empowers the light in them to shine.


A Superhero on a Bike


I am filming with my new friend, Amanda. In the last 130 days she & her bike have traveled 30,000 miles! That's an average of 229 miles a day!

This morning, she broke the women's cycling world record for highest annual mileage.

And she's not done! After a few minutes of celebration, she pedaled away to reach her goal of breaking the men's world record. 

Her heroic Dad has been with her every day, supporting her throughout the journey. I can't wait for you to meet them in our upcoming documentary film, A Voice That Carries.

Let it Flow from Joy


“I told her to do it for herself, and do it from joy. I didn’t even want her to think about what she had to do. I just wanted it to flow.”
- Aimee Boorman, who has coached Simone Biles since she was 8-years-old

This week, I hope you will let go of the weight of what you need to accomplish and allow yourself to return to a place of joy.

You are extraordinary. You are loved. You are enough.

It Will Be Worth It


The country of Fiji won their first Olympic medal this week: Gold in Men's Rugby. They dominated the competition, winning the Gold Medal match 43-7.

Fiji is a collection of tiny islands in the South Pacific. They have participated in the Olympic Games since 1956 without ever reaching the medal stand. And they have taken some tremendous beat-downs. For example, the Fiji soccer team was outscored 23-1 in just 3 games at the Olympics, with a 10-0 loss to Germany.

But they never stopped sending athletes. For them, 60 years of commitment was worth it.

Maybe you feel like you've been battling through life for a while without seeing a Gold Medal. You are probably feeling tired. I know it's discouraging, but don't quit. Keep your faith. Move forward.

It may not happen the way you expect or as quickly as you wish, and it may take more hard work than you imagined, but please don't give up.

Your day is coming. And it will be worth it.

A New Blog from Tricia


My wife Tricia has struggled with chronic illness for the past 20 years.

I have never posted about this. I’ve always felt it was her story to tell. And she is now choosing to share it in a new BLOG.

This site reveals her emotional & spiritual journey to find her truest self in the midst of physical pain, depression, and doubt. It’s an expression of the faith & open heart of the most beautiful person on the planet. (I’m not biased)

Even if you’ve never struggled with long-term illness or depression, I think this BLOG will help you see beyond the circumstances you can’t control and into the inner light you are carrying.

Read now at: Please consider sharing with anyone you think this would bless.

On being Batman

Four years ago, I was in Texas filming with Kye who was still in treatment for leukemia. I asked him what Batman would do if he had cancer. Kye responded, "He would fight it. Like I did."

Our film Legends of the Knight celebrates the superhero that lives in all of us. If you need a reminder of your heroic potential, watch the film this week on Netflix, iTunes, & Amazon. 

And I can't wait to continue inspiring rising heroes around the world & supporting charitable organizations with our next film Look to the Sky.


Five years ago, Tricia and I sat in the office of a medical 'expert' to talk about our youngest son, Judah. The doctor told us Judah would struggle to find success in many areas of life & would always face emotional & mental limitations. Although she didn't say it directly, she clearly believed that his destiny was already determined.

But our family didn't see Judah as a diagnosis. We chose to see him as a SUPERHERO.

That decision has been the motivation behind our films. These movies are our 'Fight Songs'. And it has been a blessing to have so many others sing along with us.

Tomorrow, we will release the Trailer for our next film, Look to the Sky. After watching, you will know that Judah - and every other young person on the planet - can FLY. Our hope is that this new film will inspire many others to join him in the sky.


BTW - The expert was wrong. We were right. Judah is doing amazing!

HOPE is everywhere

Meet my new friend Michael.

I'm in Texas today producing a film for the Dallas Leadership Foundation. One of their missions is helping inmates become leaders.

After years of drug use & multiple incarcerations, Michael decided to break the cycle. While in prison, he made a commitment to be different & looked for help to make it happen. 

5 years later - with the help of some local heroes - he is doing work he loves & is happily married. 

In his interview, he said: "Today, I woke up excited. Hope is everywhere."

Wherever you find yourself, whatever you are feeling, whatever you are facing... Don't lose heart! 

Hope is everywhere.

Celebrating a SuperDad

One year ago, I was stuck at the airport in Syracuse, NY. 

I got the opportunity to help out a dad flying solo with a 2-year-old & a baby. After 3 hours of delays, he never seemed to lose his cool. I used a napkin to make him a SUPER DAD award.

I am learning that even in difficult circumstances, there is always a way to celebrate the GOOD!

Everyone needs a Superman

10 years ago, my Mom was in treatment for breast cancer. My Dad went with her to every appointment. She was never alone. He was always there. And he always wore his Superman shirt.

Although everyone calls her Jeanne, my Mom’s legal name is Lois. So, at Moffitt Cancer Center, my parents became famous as “Lois & Superman”. There was even an article about them in the hospital’s newsletter. 

Everyone needs a Superman. Someone who helps, cares, & sometimes even saves the day. Someone who is ALWAYS there. 

Our family certainly has one. My kids call him Grandpa. I call him Dad. 

Today, our family is celebrating my Dad’s 65th birthday.  Love you, Ed Culp. Happy Birthday! 

Girl Motivation!


This is my friend Kaitlyn. I met her at the Los Angeles premiere of Legends of the Knight. She's on the right side of the photo.

Kaitlyn recently started a Facebook page called Girl Motivation. Her goal with the page is to inspire girls to live awesome lives. 

She recently shared her project involving post-it notes. She wrote dozens of positive messages & then placed them inside the front covers of books at her local public library. 

I love this clever & sweet idea to spread love & kindness to strangers. It could take months - or even years - to fully unfold. 

Check out her page to follow her big-hearted adventures! Happy Summer break, Kaitlyn!

Give me 7-minutes right now!

This is my friend Scott. We spoke together at the Leaders of Courage event.

He lost his right leg in an accident. By the time help arrived, he had already lost too much blood, & they didn’t have enough of his blood type in the helicopter. It seemed certain that he would not survive the trip.

When the helicopter lifted off, the EMT got right in Scott’s face & said, “It’s going to take 7-minutes to get you to the hospital. You’ve gotta choose to hang on. We can save your life, but you’ve gotta give me 7-minutes right now!”

In his presentation, Scott shared his 7-minute, life-or-death struggle – the thoughts & attitudes that kept him alive. It was powerful. And he continues to inspire as an athlete, CrossFit trainer, mentor, husband, father of 4, & hard-working guy. 

After hearing him speak, when I face a difficulty, I say to myself, “You’ve gotta choose to hang on. Give me 7-minutes right now!”

And I continue to find that I always have the 7-minutes of heroic strength & energy when I need it. And I believe you do too!

It was an honor to share the stage with this extraordinary guy.

Choose Grace

Over a decade ago, my friend Christine lost her baby in a car accident. The other car was being driven by a person under the influence.

The other driver was my friend Robin

Christine spent 10 years devastated by the accident. Robin spent 10 years in prison. 

When Robin was released, they decided to meet. Robin wanted the opportunity to apologize. And in that meeting, these two brave women both realized how much they needed each other. 

In a video Christine posted, she says: "Forgiving Robin is the best thing I could have done for myself. It was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. It was like I was free again. It's what God wants us to do."

Over the past few months, they have become friends, helping each other through difficult times. And they have been freely sharing their story of forgiveness. I am inspired by Christine & Robin. 

In life, terrible things can happen. Bitterness can destroy us. But grace can heal us.

Choose grace.

Artwork for a True Superhero

My friend Monica created the beautiful piece of art that is featured throughout Legends of the Knight.  You might assume that this artwork is at my house. But it isn't. 

The art was given to the film's production partner POP Kollaborative, who generously supported our efforts. One of their team members is Charlene Roth-Diddams. When our Trailer was released, Charlene's grandson Alex had just been born, but he had a medical challenge that required 3 surgeries in his first few months. 

When Charlene showed our Trailer to her son during this difficult time, he said: "This movie is about Alex - Alex is Batman & he is going to be OK."

Our friends at POP decided that it was only appropriate for Alex & his family to have the art. And it's a joy to me to know that this piece now lives in the home of a true superhero. 

Today is Tricia’s birthday

Some people seek their own identity, then look for love. We did the opposite… we fell in love 18 years ago & built our identity together. 

If I know something, she probably knows it within a few hours. If I make a decision, she has already analyzed, critiqued, & improved it before I made it. If I accept a project, she has approved it. And no film is finished until she likes it. 

I do not chase dreams without her. If we don’t accomplish it together, it’s not worth pursuing. The relationship has become more important than the achievement. And the dreams we realize together are always better. 

To see my heart is to see Tricia’s heart. To know our children is to experience our love expressed. 

So, Happy Birthday to my one true love, my dream girl, my partner in all things, my help, my guide, my muse, and my beloved. 

If the world falls apart tomorrow - and it’s just You & Me - that will be enough. 

I love you.

"I am a Champion"

Judah has been in kettlebell training for the past 6 months. It's a type of weight lifting. 

At today's competition, he did 191 reps in 10 min. Each rep is lifting a weight from the ground over your head. For Judah, this was a triumph!All the other athletes were cheering him on during the final minute. 

Right after, he hugged me & whispered in my ear, "I am a champion". 

Yes, you are, my son

#WEareBATMAN in Memphis, TN

Here's an incredible way to start the weekend! A note from a Mom who took her son to a screening of Legends of the Knight. When I am tired & feel discouraged, I will re-read THIS NOTE: 

Dear Brett,
Our family attended the screening in Memphis. We needed this film more than you can ever imagine. Our youngest son, Chase, has faced such horrific medical nightmares. He embodies the term superhero.
If you could have seen my little guy's face watching the movie. Who would have thought this medically fragile, autistic kid would connect so completely to your documentary? At one point, he just stretched out his arms and whispered "We are Batman". It was the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.
Guess what I am trying to say is you have made such a difference. Think how many lives will be blessed because somebody ‘gets’ them. Or they finally ‘get’ themselves.
Keep going,

My most heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE who is helping us make these experiences possible for families around the country!