The Impact of Kindness

kindness impact.jpg

In a few weeks, I will be filming in Ontario, Canada at a uplifting summer camp for kids with cancer & their families. 

When I contacted the camp to ask permission to film there, the director said: “We know exactly who you are. During our training week with the counselors, we watched your film Legends of the Knight with everyone on our team. We felt it was the perfect way to kick-off our summer. We would be extremely honored to have you come film with us for your next movie.” 

In the beginning, I tried to calculate & quantify the impact of this project. But I'm sure there are many more stories like this that I will never hear. I am continuing to learn that kindness has an impact that cannot truly be measured. And I don't need to personally be in control of it. 

Please never get tired of doing good. Your love is spreading to places you will never see & cannot imagine.