The Universe You Live In


My son's yearbook was lost. Because of the circumstances, we were sure it had been stolen, and our whole family was sad. Logan is moving to a new program next year without any of his close friends, so this book and the signatures he collected were important to him.

Then, minutes before he left on the last day of school, a kind-hearted person saved the day and made sure the yearbook was returned!

Here's the reason this story is very good news: It means YOU live in a universe where lost yearbooks are found... where unexpected moments can change everything... where the improbable happens all the time... where a story you thought was broken can have a happy ending.

If this can happen to my son, imagine what could happen for YOU today. Or tomorrow. Or in the days ahead.

This, dear friends, is the essence of HOPE. And it's the reason we need to keep sharing beautiful stories with each other. They remind us that - in both the small things and the big things - anything is possible.