Today's Struggles are Preparing You

During a rare trip to Starbucks last night, I had an out-of-body experience. Tricia & I sat next to a young 'wedding filmmaker' who was trying to sell his services to a bride & her mom.

As I listened to him talk about his work & answer their questions, I was 22-years-old again, re-living my experience starting my own business.

I remembered meetings in countless coffee shops & living rooms - sometimes 3 appointments an evening to sell $600 wedding videos. I remembered hiding my ugly, dented car down the street so it wouldn't affect my credibility. I remember wrestling huge family dogs at kitchen tables while maintaining a smile as I explained the difference between the Gold & Silver video packages.

I remembered being bluntly rejected because I was too young & inexperienced. I remembered driving 90 minutes in traffic for an appointment where a father-of-the-bride told me I was was too expensive & I wasn't "worth it".

Those experiences in the early years of my work are the foundation of who I am now. It wasn't glamorous. Most days, I felt embarrassed & inadequate. But I learned how to build something from nothing. I discovered how to communicate about my passion. I realized that grand ideas start rough & develop during the process... but you must have the courage to begin.

The difficulties of the past trained me to pursue my dreams today.

Last night, that young wedding filmmaker at Starbucks gave me a gift without knowing it. He reminded me that my current difficulties are the education I need to realize the passions & future journeys I haven't even uncovered in myself yet.

Please know this for certain... Today's struggles are preparing you for beautiful things.