#WEareBATMAN in Memphis, TN

Here's an incredible way to start the weekend! A note from a Mom who took her son to a screening of Legends of the Knight. When I am tired & feel discouraged, I will re-read THIS NOTE: 

Dear Brett,
Our family attended the screening in Memphis. We needed this film more than you can ever imagine. Our youngest son, Chase, has faced such horrific medical nightmares. He embodies the term superhero.
If you could have seen my little guy's face watching the movie. Who would have thought this medically fragile, autistic kid would connect so completely to your documentary? At one point, he just stretched out his arms and whispered "We are Batman". It was the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.
Guess what I am trying to say is you have made such a difference. Think how many lives will be blessed because somebody ‘gets’ them. Or they finally ‘get’ themselves.
Keep going,

My most heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE who is helping us make these experiences possible for families around the country!