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If you want to make a positive impact that is beyond yourself, you are an Everyday Hero

In this podcast, Brett Culp shares fresh perspectives and insights that will strengthen, encourage, and help you make a difference in every part of your life.

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All the episodes are below, but I recommend starting with these 3:

Episodes 22 & 23 - The Power of Community

In your career and personal life, relationships are your greatest opportunity for growth.  Real, lasting change happens in open, safe communities where people support each other.  This episode's interview is focused on community-building principles that will help you make a positive impact in your own life - and in the world - by building deeper connections within any group of people.

brett culp

Episode 21 - When the Big Problem Never Seems to End

brett culp

Some challenges go on for a very long time.  And certain difficulties are with you for your entire life.  In this episode, I welcome my wife Tricia to tell the story of her long-term health challenges.  She shares incredible perspectives on protecting your identity and maintaining your mental and emotional balance during long-term struggles.

Read Tricia's blog:  www.MySoulScripts.com

Episode 9 - Overcome Fear with Compassion

episode 9

Sometimes, we disconnect from each other because we are afraid.  To keep ourselves emotionally safe, we build stories in our minds that create outrage, leave people out, and keep us separated.  The secret to working through our personal fears is often choosing to see life with more compassion and kindness.  I welcome my first guest to discuss this important idea.