YOU can now request a screening of our next film Look to the Sky at a movie theater near you with the proceeds benefiting the charity of your choice.  Or you can organize a showing at any location that benefits your community.  

The film is available to help YOU make a positive impact without any fees due to us as filmmakers.

Although we are a few weeks away from a public announcement about these screening opportunities, I wanted to let you know early.  

Here's a VIDEO that shares the details:


(written transcript is below)

To request a screening at a movie theater
near you, visit:

To organize a local screening at
the location of your choice, 
send us an EMAIL here.

TRAILER for Look to the Sky

You can read an overview of the fundraising financials on Tugg screenings HERE.


Written TRANSCRIPTION of the Video:

Hi, it's Brett. I'm so excited to share some big news with you today. We are putting the finishing touches on Look to the Sky, and we are getting ready to share it with the world.

This next film is really at its core about hope. It's about what hope is, why it matters, why it's important, how we lose it, and how we get it back. We're expressing this idea by telling the stories of 10 young people who have demonstrated the superhero spirit in their life. Either in their own world, they've overcome something, or they've given back or made a positive difference in the lives of others.

And it's a superhero movie. We're going to talk about this through the lens of one of the most iconic, hope-filled superheroes that has ever existed, and really the first modern hero, Superman.

The world premiere of this film is scheduled for Tampa on April 8th, 2017.  (Tickets and info for the World Premiere are available here.)

But the even more exciting news for you is that the film is ready to launch. We're at the very beginning stages of making it available for screenings for everyone, anywhere in the world.

The purpose of Look to the Sky, the reason we're making it is as a tool for you to make a difference in your community... To inspire leaders, to inspire other heroes, to draw people together as a community, to have positive interactions about hope and about their capacity to be superheroes, and also to help you make a difference for charitable organizations that you care about.

Even though we haven't made a big announcement to the world, you can start planning a screening right now. You can request a screening at your local movie theater or you can plan one of your own.

I want to tell you the three ways that you can be involved right now:  

The first way is you can request a screening of Look to the Sky at your local movie theater.  Here's the link.

Through our partnership with our friends at, you can request a screening, put in your zip code, put in the date, and our friends at will reach out to a movie theater in your area and work to set up a screening. They'll handle all the logistics. They'll send the film. They'll do all the technical stuff. They'll arrange for the theater, reserve it. There is absolutely no fee for you to request that screening. The only thing you have to do is gather the crowd of people together to do it. The way works is that you have to sell a minimum number of tickets within one week of the screening. Usually it's 60 to 70 tickets. It can be higher. It can be lower. With Legends of the Knight, it was right around that range.

The proceeds from that screening that would have gone to my company will instead go to the charity you choose. You pick a charity and the proceeds from the ticket sales that night will go to that charity. When people check out to buy their tickets online, there's a place where you can add-on funds and people can make donations to that charity when they buy their ticket.

Screenings via are only available in the U.S.  You can request the screening right now for showings on April 23, 2017 or after.

It's a really amazing, turnkey way that you can bring Look to the Sky to your community and make a positive impact.

The second way you can be involved is to host a screening in the location of your choice. Whether it is a community center, a school, or any location that you want to play this film. To create a heroic event, raise money for a charitable organization, or to help students. Whatever it is that you want to do that would make a positive impact.  

Screenings that you organize are available worldwide.  You can request the screening right now for showings on April 12, 2017 or after.

You can send us an email here. Send us some information via email about what you're intending to do, what city you're in, what your plan is, and we'll help you. We'll work with you to make sure you get the film so that you can do that screening.

The third way is really open-ended. When we did Legends of the Knight, which was our last film, people came up with the coolest ideas. We've moved into an open-source mentality, that if you have a creative idea, something unique you want to do with this film, something like that that you feel like would make a difference to the people in your world or in your community... reach out to us. Let us know.  We had a lot of fun ideas sent to us for Legends of the Knight, and I don't think we turned down a single one of them.

This is why we created the film, to make a difference and an impact. If you have an idea, let us know. Ultimately we'd just love for you to engage with this.

Our previous film Legends of the Knight was an incredible success. The film screened in over 110 cities around the world. It raised $100,000 for charity. I have no idea what's in store for Look to the Sky. I always just leap out in faith and invite people to join us on this mission to do something good.

I hope this will be something that excites and connects with you and that you'll find a way to join us on this heroic mission.

If you have any questions, you can click here to reach us via email.

Thanks for being a hero. Thanks for supporting us and joining us on this journey.

Looking forward to what's ahead. Have a beautiful day.