WOW! An extraordinary talent. I’m blown away by Brett.
— TYLER PERRY | Hollywood filmmaker & actor
To this day, my team remains inspired by your challenge to be ‘superhero’ leaders. I can’t thank you enough for helping us realize our potential.
— STEVEN HICKMAN | President - First National Bank, Pasco


Speaker Reel
(8 minutes)

A high-energy overview of
Brett's work and message.


Your Noble Mission

"Real leadership is about inviting people on a mission to do something extraordinary together."



Anchoring Your Vision

"Whatever you are doing, whatever you are building, whatever you are dreaming of... when the winds and the waves come, go to the anchor."


You are Starlight

"People you will never meet,
whose stories you will never know,
will have their lives changed
years from now because of the
work you doing right now."


Dreams > Metrics

"When I feel like I don't have enough to do what I dream of doing, I will now say those metrics don't matter.  And I'm just going to GO."



Feel Free to Be Extraordinary

"If I had followed that guy's advice, we would not have gotten this film distribution deal... Instead, I followed my gut, and we did something extraordinary."


The True Goal of Leadership

"For most filmmakers, the goal is to create FANS.  But I got the unique opportunity to watch people become LEADERS."



The Lie of Inadequacy

"Whatever challenge you are facing, there is a superhero waiting to be unleashed to save not just your world, but the world around you."


Photos by Leblond Studio & Hopkins Studios