Through our not-for-profit The Rising Heroes Project,
my documentary films are used to inspire communities
and support charitable organizations.

Look to the Sky explores the power of hope while encouraging viewers to find the superhero within themselves.  Weaving together the stories of 10 inspiring young people, Look to the Sky is a touching journey into what is possible for the world and for our own lives.

The film is now screened around the world, with proceeds benefiting charitable efforts.

Watch it now on HuluiTunes, and Amazon.

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Legends of the Knight celebrates the potential all of us have to be heroic.  The film tells the uplifting true stories of individuals who were inspired to overcome adversity & make a positive impact because of their childhood love of Batman.  

The film has played theatrically in 110 cities, raising over $100,000 for charitable organizations.  

Watch now on Amazon Prime or iTunes.

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My upcoming film A Voice that Carries will empower fathers to be positive influences in their daughter’s lives.

Our goal is to create a greater level of awareness, conversation, and positive change at an individual and community level about issues surrounding body image and family relationships.

Coming Soon!