I had goosebumps the whole time. The room was so emotionally-charged, hopeful, and inspired.
Brett shared a fresh vision & real content on what leadership is and how we can bring it into every aspect of our lives. I have never seen that much feedback on social media after one of our events. It blew my mind.
Brett is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and I will never forget this event and the impact it made.
— JESSICA BROZ | VP Education & Programming - ILEA Calgary


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Leadership is an Invitation

Anchoring your Vision


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Brett launched our conference with an inspirational message of hope and humanity that greatly impacted our attendees. Brett motivated our members to aspire to their greatest personal and business potential.
His presentation theme of superhero leadership could not have been more timely and relevant to our conference, and set the tone for the rest of our three-day event.
We are incredibly appreciative to have heard his powerful stories told through the words of everyday heroes just like us!
— BILL LUPFER | President - Florida Attractions Association



Superhero Leadership: How Everyday People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact

Leadership starts with the ability to look at every challenge - even the mundane tasks - as an opportunity to make a positive impact.  

In this high-energy keynote, Brett shares powerful stories from his filmmaking adventures of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things.  He demonstrates how everyone has the opportunity and capacity to embrace leadership and make an impact.  By learning to see themselves as leaders contributing to a noble, shared vision, attendees will feel empowered to bring greater confidence and enthusiasm to their everyday tasks. 

This shift in perspective ignites the heroic spirit in audiences, equipping them to bring the truest, most powerful view of themselves to every aspect of their work and life. 


Building a Culture of Leadership

For your organization to reach its highest potential, you need MORE than employees who follow your directions.  You need a team of LEADERS. 

In this uplifting keynote, Brett delivers a positive vision for developing a culture that unlocks the heroic spirit in everyone.  Drawing from his unique approach to community building through filmmaking, he shares practical insights that will equip each member of your team to embrace their strengths, contribute to your larger mission, and uncover a more expansive view of what you can accomplish together.  Attendees learn how to create and maintain environments that spark dialogue and collaboration between diverse groups of people, ultimately building stronger communities and greater impact.   

This upbeat and encouraging presentation inspires audiences to take ownership and feel confident about their ability to make a difference.  Brett's hopeful message helps attendees find an authentic path to leadership while personally connecting them to your organization's biggest goals.


The feedback has been tremendous, and you were definitely the highlight.
Thanks for the home run.
— SUSAN ARMSTRONG | Corporate Events Manager, VISIT FLORIDA
Brett, you hit it out of the park.
Your experiences, thoughtfulness, and love of humanity certainly shined through!
Everyone was inspired by you.
— NICK SODEMANN | Univ of Wisconsin Health
The feedback from Tuesday’s meeting was 100% positive. Every single response was “Excellent,” “Perfect,” “Awesome”. I have NEVER seen a meeting achieve such completely positive results.
Amazing work, Brett!
— BOBBY DUTTON | President - ILEA Boston
Thank you for being you! Sharing the voice of amazing people through your movies is a gift for all. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from your presentation.
You are a hero!
— DIMITRIOS ALEXIOU | President, Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties
You were the talk of the conference after your keynote. I lost count of how many team members came up to me to comment on how much they enjoyed your presentation. I also heard a number of people quoting you in breakout sessions. Thank you so much for reminding us of the important work we do and where our light comes from!
— VICTORIA ZAMBITO | SVP, Vector Solutions
Thank you for joining us to inspire our leaders with how they can make an extraordinary impact. The stories and examples you shared will give Sharp’s leaders encouragement to embrace the change that lies ahead.
Our leaders have learned from you how best to approach our complex, changing times, and we are grateful.
— MICHAEL MURPHY | CEO, Sharp Healthcare
You are such an inspiration. Your words & stories touched me in many ways. I’m so happy that the rest of the team got to hear you as well. Thank you for being the light that the world needs!
— KRISTIN GRECO | President, PAR inc
You are, hands down, the best public speaker I’ve seen in person.
— BRENT FISCHER | Senior Manager, Nutrien
Thank you for the inspiration - the impact on our group was huge.
We will be speaking of it for many years to come.