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Brett is one of the most passionate people you will ever experience. His energy is contagious, and he has the magical ability to bring out the best in everyone.
— DAVID TUTERA - Celebrity Event Producer, Host of TV’s “David Tutera’s CELEBrations”
  "Each day, you can choose to be a leader.  Even in the small things.  And that choice can change everything."

"Each day, you can choose to be a leader.  Even in the small things.  And that choice can change everything."


Inspire leadership, build collaboration, and unlock the heroic spirit in your team with insights and extraordinary stories from acclaimed filmmaker and social entrepreneur Brett Culp.

Brett is the personal cinematographer for Hollywood stars, music icons, hall of fame athletes, and royal families. His uplifting keynote speeches share powerful stories from his career as a documentary filmmaker that deliver insights for aligning teams behind a meaningful mission. 

Rather than thinking as a traditional filmmaker, Brett has developed an expertise for creating 'mini-movements' that bring diverse groups of people into dialogue and inspire the heroic spirit in everyone.  With his uplifting, non-profit documentary film Legends of the Knight, Brett pioneered a ground-breaking approach to community building and relationship-driven engagement. 

Brett’s high energy presentations are filled with touching moments, humor, and insights about developing empowering relationships through generosity, trust, and authenticity.  Audiences will leave his speech with a renewed sense of hope for the future and belief that their efforts can make an impact. They will find themselves more in-touch with their own capacity for 'everyday leadership' and equipped to inspire it in others.

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brett culp
WOW! An extraordinary talent. I’m blown away by Brett.
— TYLER PERRY | Hollywood filmmaker & actor

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