2018 was beautiful!


This year, I spoke at 42 events across the country. 

One day, I talked to 5,000 people in an arena. 
On another day, I traveled for 8 hours & no one showed up for my session. 

Sometimes, I stayed at luxury hotels. 
Sometimes, I had to change clothes in the airport bathroom. 

I received some standing ovations. I also had people criticize me in the lobby after my keynote. 

I traveled nearly 150,000 miles this year. Some days were easier than others. 

But every moment was beautiful. 

I loved all of it. 

I’m grateful for every opportunity to share my heart & help others see the inspiring truth about themselves.

Next year will be filled with speeches all over the U.S. I can’t wait to hug the new friends I will make in 2019!

Special thanks to my wife Tricia, my family, & the team at Keppler Speakers. I couldn’t have done it without you!