A Gathering of Heroes in Kentucky

Last night I spoke in Bowling Green, Kentucky at a United Way event honoring 60 local heroes who have made an impact with their everyday leadership. 

The world is FULL of good people who are committed to the beautiful possibilities they see in their communities. Such a joy to share thoughts about leadership, compassion, & hope!

And I love my grin in this photo! 

In 1999, I graduated with a degree in Journalism from Western Kentucky University, so it was a joy to be back in Bowling Green speaking to 250 community leaders about my filmmaking journeys. 

And the President of the University sat on the front row & led the standing ovation when I was finished. I thought Dr. Gary Ransdell was a cool guy when I was in school, & it was such a unique, affirming moment for me. 

I have a feeling I am going to be back in Bowling Green for the release of our next film, Look to the Sky.

Here's a clip from the local news about the event...