Breaking Barriers

My youngest son posted his 1st video on YouTube.

Here's why this is extraordinary:

4 years ago, Judah was diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum. An expert told us a list of things he would NEVER be able to do.

In this video, he does at least 4 things the expert said he "couldn't" do.

This video was his idea, & he insisted it be uploaded & shared. He decided on the topic & content without any feedback from us. 

The message has 4 points, plus an intro & closing. There was no written script -- he organized it in his head.  We recorded this 3-min clip in the first take without a single cut. He was clear, focused, & articulate.

Life is full of things you "can't' do. But, by the grace of God, the love of others, and commitment & hard work, all of us have the potential to break through the barriers others place on us.

To all who have supported our journey with Judah... THANK YOU. To my wife Tricia... you are amazing. To my son Judah... you are a hero.