The most important applause

standing ovation.jpg

Right before the world premiere of Legends of the Knight, we had a special dinner party. 

My Dad gave a speech. He said to me, "My son, I have watched you do many great things. But this is what you were born to do. You will help the world with this film. I am so proud of you."

This photo is of the standing ovation at the end of that premiere screening of the film. Looking back, the applause from the audience is NOT what has had the most lasting emotional impact. My Dad's private speech has resonated more deeply. 

Fathers, your words matter. When the world's applause fades, your voice is still heard. And when the world is unkind, your faith is a light. 

I've watched my Dad do many great things. But that night, affirming his son is what he was born to do. 

Love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day.