Choose the Adventure

Judah and I had a great time at Disney World yesterday. But on the drive home, we got caught in a serious rain storm. Traffic on the interstate completely stopped. My GPS showed that the typical route would take an extra hour because of an accident. But there was an alternate way that was much quicker, if we exited the interstate immediately.

Leaving the mass of other drivers behind, Judah and I chose the path less traveled. Within a few minutes, we found ourselves on unfamiliar backwoods roads with no streetlights. I grew a little concerned when the GPS took us on a road with a large sign reading: “Private Road: Enter at your own Risk”. The darkness and unknown territory made Judah anxious. I asked him to list off all the Pokemon characters he knew, and that helped.

Then, on this mysterious road, we encountered another sign: “Pavement ends in 500 feet”. WHAT!!! In my small Hyundai sedan, alone in the midst of a rain storm, this was concerning. I guess I was stupid to leave the main road. Should I go back? Or should I listen to the voice of my mobile device offering me a better way? I chose to take the risk.

After several bumps, lots of water splashed on our windows, and a thorough education on Pokemon characters, we made it back to a main road. We safely joined the interstate past the accident and saved an hour of driving time.

Every day, each of us have the opportunity to stay with the crowd or leave the main road and go on an adventure toward something better. Most people would rather wait it out on the safe path because they know if they choose a new way there will certainly be dark roads that run out of pavement. And they are correct. If you venture into a new world in relationships, art, business, health, self-expression, or spiritual life, there will be anxious moments and scary signs.

As a person who has survived the unknown paths in life (and in rain storms), let me encourage you to CHOOSE THE ADVENTURE. There will be frightening moments. You will second-guess yourself. Sometimes you will decide to turn around because the risk is too great, and you will feel foolish for the time you wasted. But your life will always be fuller and richer because you made the choice to risk. You will grow from the experience. And sometimes you will find yourself on a beautiful journey that everyone stuck in traffic cannot imagine.

Some people will be critical or become anxious because of your choice. I recommend asking those people to list off all the Pokemon characters they know. It will be a great distraction or it will totally confuse them. Either way, PRESS ON!