In Search of JOYFUL GLUE

I was recently interviewing a business leader for a short film. We were talking about building environments that inspire passion, creativity, and teamwork. She said, "We want the business to do more than make a profit. It should be a JOYFUL GLUE that allows people to feel connected to each other while accomplishing an exciting mission together."

This week, I've been thinking about how every part of my life where I interact with others can be Joyful Glue. Although it's wonderful to have a long list of successful projects, if those accomplishments didn't build deeper connections & relationships, they were missed opportunities.

I am now inspired to bring this perspective to everything. In work, family, & every kind of community, I think there is always an opportunity to unify & build an uplifting connectedness.

It is my desire for everything I do to be a Joyful Glue!