Knowing that we are not alone


This beautiful story came from last night's charity showing of our new film near Seattle.

Oh, my heart is SO full!

Thank you for sharing this, Violet Brielle Spataro:

A boy named Lukas attended our screening of 'Look to the Sky'. He was introduced to Violet and right away she asked him if he wanted to play with her and help her hand out Live Love Foundation cards to everyone in the theatre. They were giggling and instantly having fun together before the movie started.

This morning, I awoke to messages in my inbox from his family. My eyes filled with tears as I read them. Here is just some of what was messaged to me (shared with permission):

"I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making my nephew feel so welcome tonight!! I had double booked myself on accident and my nephew went in my place and I'm SO GLAD HE DID!! Violet, you've changed my little guys life tonight with your kindness! My nephew Lukas has been through so much. He gets bullied a lot in school and he has an illness that makes him feel different and alone. He only has a couple friends and he was SO EXCITED to feel like he found a friend in you!! You showed him around and let him help, he was blown away that someone would be so kind. He talked the whole way home about how he can be more kind and how he can help others. You were your own blessing bundle to me tonight, THANK YOU!"
"He felt seen and loved just in that short time with his new buddy!! He's so special to me and seeing him make a friend is everything. You have a gift in your daughter!"
"He walked away from that film knowing he wasn't alone! He LOVED being with Violet and he hopes one day he can see her again!"

I believe last night was meant for Lukas. Sometimes, we work so very hard on things and we don't know if all of our efforts are making the impact we pray they are. Knowing this sweet boy felt loved and empowered to make a difference is everything. I'm grateful we were all brought together, and I'm happy to share this story today.