Becoming a "Love Monster"

When my son Logan was little, he asked me how Cookie Monster got his name.  I said that he was obsessed with cookies. They are all he thought about. They are his primary focus. So, they call him a “Cookie Monster”.

Logan said, “Does that mean we should start calling you WORK MONSTER?”

His innocent question really made me think.  I love my work. I get such delight from capturing incredible weddings & events, creating stories for not-for-profits & companies, and producing superhero films to inspire. But I continue to see the danger of allowing my work to DEFINE me.

There have been times when I couldn’t separate what I DO from who I AM. I was a “human doing” rather than a “human being”. This hurt my heart and negatively impacted my relationships.

I recommend finding a mission you are excited about & pursuing it with great passion. But let it be an expression of yourself, not the core of your identity. Let it be your gift to the world, not the core of your existence.

Be known in the world as a “Love Monster”.