World Premiere of my new film, "Look to the Sky"

brett culp

The premiere of Look to the Sky was phenomenal!  A packed theater, an engaged audience, and several of the young people from the film joined me on-stage afterward.

Proceeds benefited Starting Right, Now, an organization that assists teens who are homeless.

The first reviews of the film are beautiful:

"Look to the Sky is an inspiring and deeply thought-provoking work."
"Just when you think there is no hope for goodness in this world along comes a documentary that proves that there is. And it is an amazing thing."
"Look to the Sky was every bit as inspiring and challenging as their first film, Legends of the Knight... It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me want to go out in my community and make it better."
"This film is a remarkable creation of heroic stories that defines hope in a powerful way."
"I was once again blown away by the positivity that Brett Culp puts into his films."

YOU can request a screening of 'Look to the Sky' in your community benefiting the charity of your choice.

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brett culp
brett culp