Powerless with Irma

Along with 7 million others in Florida, Hurricane Irma knocked out the power in our home.

The assessments this morning showed that it would take up to 6 days to restore all the electricity in Tampa.  So, we decided to move to my parents house a few miles away, where they still had power.  We spent today packing up to be away for several days. Clothes, food, everything we would need.

Tonight, my family was sitting in our fully-packed car as I locked the front door.

And the power came back on.

Have you ever felt extremely grateful & extremely frustrated at the same time? It's a strange whirlwind of emotion.

The last week has taken me deeper into the meaning of being "powerless". For me, Irma has been a lesson in surrender.  I try to plan wisely & act with passion, but I can't control a hurricane, the utility company, a potential client, or my teenager.

But I can choose to bring my heart to every moment & stay open to the unknown.

Things never go quite the way we expect. But I believe there is beauty everywhere.