Speaking in Chillicothe, Ohio

I was honored to speak today at a church in Chillicothe, Ohio. After a week of travel filled with struggles and blessings, it was a joy to talk about our family’s spiritual journey with a group of smiling people!

This church group is an inspiration to me. Last Saturday, 50 people from the group organized a special ‘Mission Day’ in their community. Their goal was to show love. 

They split up and gave flowers to residents at 5 different nursing homes, paid for people's laundry at five different laundromats, sang on a street corner, fed the hungry, prayed with random people, gave out free Bibles, paid for people's meals at restaurants and drive-thrus, delivered treats to nurses who serve others all day, and finished the day with a flash mob singing at Golden Corral and collected enough money to leave their waitress a $100 tip.

So happy I got to spend the morning with them! Happy Sunday to all!