Be Curious

Today, I am filming a volunteer effort to restore the windows of a historic church building in Tampa.

I've never personally restored a historic building, but a big part of my job is learning about new things. I always need to stay curious. To get to the heart of the story, I am constantly asking people what the experience means to them & why it matters. I'm more interested in how people are feeling than the facts & information.

Relationships are often like this. To connect with others, you must develop a compassionate curiosity. Truly understanding someone is more than knowing the list of their favorite things... It's asking WHY they love them & quieting your own thoughts to hear their answer. Real connection is a loving pursuit that shows someone you are deeply interested in who they are & who they are becoming.

So, as I explore this beautiful experience today, I am reminded of the incredible stories that live inside each of us. And I'm even more inspired to hear & share them.

(Thanks to my buddy Steve Quillian for organizing this event & inviting me to be part of it.)