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"A lot of documentary makers are looking to tell stories about things that are wrong with the world so they can make those things better. I’m the kind of filmmaker who is looking for the things that are right in the world."

I enjoyed chatting with about everyday heroes, the power of being heard, and our not-for-profit The Rising Heroes Project.

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Featured in Total Film

This is a moment where it feels surreal. 

Our film was featured in Total Film magazine, in the SAME spread as an update on the new Batman v Superman film! 

MY picture is on the same page as the stars of this film! WHAT!?!

But, in the big picture, the message below is the MOST important reason we made the movie.  This was posted on the film's Facebook page. And it's the reason we are now working on another uplifting superhero film.

Thanks for all of your support on this heroic journey!