Compassion & Clean Laundry

laundry love 01.jpg

Last night, I joined a group of church friends at a local laundry mat. For 3 hours, we paid for the washing & drying of anyone who came in.

We felt it was a simple & kind way to help a neighborhood in need. We met them, hugged them, listened to their stories, & helped wash their clothes.

To me, it seemed like a small thing. But, to the unemployed construction worker, the single mother of 3, & the lady who was recently living in a tent, this small gift represented light in a dark place.

We loved the experience. We are planning to do it again on the first Thursday of next month. And we are expecting a bigger crowd of people who need clean clothes & a few moments of compassion.

Small actions have the power to make a big impact. Doing good doesn't have to be complicated. Today, please take the time to open your eyes, look around, & spread kindness.