Give me 7-minutes right now!

This is my friend Scott. We spoke together at the Leaders of Courage event.

He lost his right leg in an accident. By the time help arrived, he had already lost too much blood, & they didn’t have enough of his blood type in the helicopter. It seemed certain that he would not survive the trip.

When the helicopter lifted off, the EMT got right in Scott’s face & said, “It’s going to take 7-minutes to get you to the hospital. You’ve gotta choose to hang on. We can save your life, but you’ve gotta give me 7-minutes right now!”

In his presentation, Scott shared his 7-minute, life-or-death struggle – the thoughts & attitudes that kept him alive. It was powerful. And he continues to inspire as an athlete, CrossFit trainer, mentor, husband, father of 4, & hard-working guy. 

After hearing him speak, when I face a difficulty, I say to myself, “You’ve gotta choose to hang on. Give me 7-minutes right now!”

And I continue to find that I always have the 7-minutes of heroic strength & energy when I need it. And I believe you do too!

It was an honor to share the stage with this extraordinary guy.