The 1st attempt is ALWAYS terrible

A few weeks ago, I finished the first draft of the Trailer for our new film, Look to the Sky. I saw all the rough edges & a few editing decisions that clearly weren’t working. I felt so insecure. 

You’ve probably been there too. Your first attempt is terrible & leaves you feeling anxious. 

You bang your head against the wall at 3am. You say, “This is awful! I’m a failure! Why am I doingthis? What if it never gets better? What if my new ideas aren’t as good as my old ideas?” 

Then, you re-edit, and the next version makes you smile a little. Dawn breaks. You remind yourself that it will get better. You remember to trust the process. And to trust yourself. 

Today, the Trailer makes me SO happy! There are still several details to perfect, but, these days, I’m smiling a lot. Can’t wait for you to see it on October 1.