There Is Light Everywhere

I disappeared for 7 days. No Internet, no emails, no social media, no phone.

I spent the week dreaming, thinking, crying, emotionally connecting to the stuff that matters. I took long walks in 3 different countries.

For me, travel is an opportunity to remove the distractions and go deeper. Into the places I am putting my faith. Into the extraordinary movements within that are so much bigger.


Today, I see it more clearly, and yet I have no idea what's actually going to happen next. I make plans, but God always seems to work though wonderful people, revealing something more expansive, joyful, and beautiful than I could have envisioned. I'm never quite ready, but I will bring everything in my heart, and I know it will be enough.

Today, I have so much love for you. All the incredible goodness and mysteries, and all the times you mess things up. That huge recent achievement that you've almost forgotten, and the time you tripped on your own feet and nearly fell down the stairs.

There is light everywhere. In the world. In me. In you. When I silenced all the voices for 7 days I truly knew it.

Don't let the commentators, voices of fear, and your social media feed lie to you. Hope is real. Amazing things are coming.

And I'm happy to be home.