It Will Be Worth It


The country of Fiji won their first Olympic medal this week: Gold in Men's Rugby. They dominated the competition, winning the Gold Medal match 43-7.

Fiji is a collection of tiny islands in the South Pacific. They have participated in the Olympic Games since 1956 without ever reaching the medal stand. And they have taken some tremendous beat-downs. For example, the Fiji soccer team was outscored 23-1 in just 3 games at the Olympics, with a 10-0 loss to Germany.

But they never stopped sending athletes. For them, 60 years of commitment was worth it.

Maybe you feel like you've been battling through life for a while without seeing a Gold Medal. You are probably feeling tired. I know it's discouraging, but don't quit. Keep your faith. Move forward.

It may not happen the way you expect or as quickly as you wish, and it may take more hard work than you imagined, but please don't give up.

Your day is coming. And it will be worth it.