Redeeming Tragedy

I was 6 months into production on Legends of the Knight when tragedy struck in Aurora, CO. Many people were killed & injured at a theatrical screening of a Batman movie by a man dressed as the Joker. I was heartbroken for the families affected by this horrific event. And I was extremely insecure about the future of this project, which had become so important to me.

For the months following this tragedy, many of my conversations about Legends of the Knight received negative feedback. In light of Aurora, some people I spoke to felt our subject matter was insensitive to those affected & would be poorly received by the general public.

I am an highly sensitive person, & this was a very discouraging period for me. My dream to do good seemed destined to fail. But time has shown that these fears were empty, & I am grateful for those who encouraged me to press on.

You can imagine my joy in learning that a theatrical screening has been requested near Aurora, CO. Proceeds from the screening will benefit Aurora Rise, which continues to assist families who were affected by this tragedy.

I am overwhelmed that our film has the opportunity to help their community. It is a reminder to me that even when everything seems ruined, your story is NEVER over. Your struggle can become a blessing to someone else.

If you are near the Denver, CO area – or you know someone who is – please help this screening become a reality. Share this event. Use the comments to tag friends in the Denver-area. Purchase a few $12 tickets. They need to pre-sell 66 tickets in the next few days to confirm the showing. All the info is here:

As always, THANK YOU for being part of this adventure with me!