Wherever You Are, Invest the Best of Yourself

While filming an interview at a home in Tampa yesterday, I thought I recognized the wedding photos on the wall. After a little discussion, we realized we had met before.

Twelve years ago, I filmed the weddings for both their daughter & son! And they pulled out this VHS copy of one of the wedding movies! We then had a delightful conversation about the importance of family, history, and stories.

My life has never been a straight line. It has always been a beautiful mess of adventures I didn’t expect. But I am reminded that every stage of the journey is an opportunity to bless others.

Wherever you find yourself today – whoever you are with, whatever you are doing – invest the best of yourself into it. Look for ways to share love & light with others.

You never know when you will find a bit of yourself living in the home – or heart – of someone down the road.