The Higher Purpose of Competition


Last night Usain Bolt was slowing down near the end of the 200m semi-final, but Canada's Andre De Grasse pushed hard, forcing Bolt to give his best all the way to the end. The two sprinters smiled as they crossed the finish line.

For me, the goal of competition is NOT to defeat you. Competition allows the excellence in you to inspire more excellence in me. Seeing your best pushes me to find strength within myself that I might never have uncovered alone.

Sometimes your success makes me mad. Not because I'm angry at you, but because you are holding up a mirror image of something I can aspire to that I haven't yet achieved. Sometimes I need to get mad before truly committing to something hard that makes me uncomfortable.

So, THANK YOU for continuing to be amazing. You are helping me reveal my finest self and stretch for bigger dreams. 

And this is actually a photo of the two of us! Look at how fast we are TOGETHER!