The World Needs a Big Mess of YOU


My favorite scene in the new film X-Men: Apocalypse happens near the beginning. Scott Summers (AKA Cyclops) is experiencing his superpower for the first time. He can shoot lasers from his eyes, but he can’t control it. Scott is brought to see Charles Xavier, who runs a school for young people on his family estate.

When Charles asks for a demonstration, Scott shows his full power, and his blast accidently destroys a giant tree. It was a tree Charles’s father had planted as a child – the tree Charles loved most on the estate.

With regret, Scott says, “Does that mean I’m expelled?”

Charles replies, “No, it means you are enrolled.”

As awesome as you are, YOU are a mess. But, you are not alone… I’m a mess too.

LOVE is about seeing those flaws and insecurities and still choosing to embrace each other, even though we will sometimes create chaos and frustration in each other’s lives. Your messiness requires me to be more flexible and open. I must choose to see your value as more important than my personal agenda.

And I will do this because I see YOUR POWER. There is something inside of you that the world needs. You matter. I know the strength in you, and I will accept the messiness of our shared humanity so you can see your ‘superhero self’ clearly and without fear.

Blast away.