Artwork for a True Superhero

My friend Monica created the beautiful piece of art that is featured throughout Legends of the Knight.  You might assume that this artwork is at my house. But it isn't. 

The art was given to the film's production partner POP Kollaborative, who generously supported our efforts. One of their team members is Charlene Roth-Diddams. When our Trailer was released, Charlene's grandson Alex had just been born, but he had a medical challenge that required 3 surgeries in his first few months. 

When Charlene showed our Trailer to her son during this difficult time, he said: "This movie is about Alex - Alex is Batman & he is going to be OK."

Our friends at POP decided that it was only appropriate for Alex & his family to have the art. And it's a joy to me to know that this piece now lives in the home of a true superhero.