Today is Tricia’s birthday

Some people seek their own identity, then look for love. We did the opposite… we fell in love 18 years ago & built our identity together. 

If I know something, she probably knows it within a few hours. If I make a decision, she has already analyzed, critiqued, & improved it before I made it. If I accept a project, she has approved it. And no film is finished until she likes it. 

I do not chase dreams without her. If we don’t accomplish it together, it’s not worth pursuing. The relationship has become more important than the achievement. And the dreams we realize together are always better. 

To see my heart is to see Tricia’s heart. To know our children is to experience our love expressed. 

So, Happy Birthday to my one true love, my dream girl, my partner in all things, my help, my guide, my muse, and my beloved. 

If the world falls apart tomorrow - and it’s just You & Me - that will be enough. 

I love you.