Five years ago, Tricia and I sat in the office of a medical 'expert' to talk about our youngest son, Judah. The doctor told us Judah would struggle to find success in many areas of life & would always face emotional & mental limitations. Although she didn't say it directly, she clearly believed that his destiny was already determined.

But our family didn't see Judah as a diagnosis. We chose to see him as a SUPERHERO.

That decision has been the motivation behind our films. These movies are our 'Fight Songs'. And it has been a blessing to have so many others sing along with us.

Tomorrow, we will release the Trailer for our next film, Look to the Sky. After watching, you will know that Judah - and every other young person on the planet - can FLY. Our hope is that this new film will inspire many others to join him in the sky.


BTW - The expert was wrong. We were right. Judah is doing amazing!